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There are lots of ways of acquiring your next car - we will provide you with the simple advice you need to make the right choice for you and your company.

Should you buy or lease your next auto?

There are advantages to both Used car sales methods, both for business and private individuals. If you decide to lease a car, there are a number of different options available to you; we will discuss your situation and help you to make the right decision.

Our personal service sets us apart from other car leasing companies, and you will find our special deals on a wide range of makes and models a pleasant surprise!Car leasing

Planning to drive abroad?

A good way of getting around when abroad is to lease a car. If you are going to be driving on unfamiliar territory, and you want to know the rules of the road for your destination, check out Driving Abroad. If there is information you would like to know about, please email us, we'd love to hear from you. We aim to bring you all the driving information you should require to make your trip an effortless and enjoyable driving experience. 

All pictures and/or photos and car descriptions on this site are for illustration and reference purposes only and are not necessarily the vehicle on offer. All offers are subject to change at any time and are subject to finance approval and vehicle availability. All prices correct at time of publication.

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We are able to offer many different products for the funding of your new car, contract hire, contract purchase, personal contract hire, personal contract purchase, finance lease, lease purchase and hire purchase. Have a look at our 'Contracts Page' for more detailed information on these products, give us a call or use our enquiry form and one of our team can help find the best deal for you.

We supply a full range of cars and vans from all manufacturers, to all spec levels for delivery to anywhere in the mainland UK, our buying power and our association with many finance houses ensure that 'We really can offer the best deals available in the UK today'

The results of replating can be disappointing, and to be fair to the electroplaters, this isn't usually their fault. The original finish has to be stripped, and the item is then usually linished or rumbled in order to get a good surface ready for replating. At best the hexagons are undersize, and at worst you end up with asymmetrical hexagons which look hideous.

Buying bolts from a supplier of fasteners is also not without its problems. Whitworth hexagons are usually of different proportions to that which were originally fitted to most British bikes. You will be lucky to find a bolt exactly the length you want, and if you have to shorten a plated bolt, the end will go rusty. The other thing to watch is the material, the bolts you buy are often made from EN1A bright mild steel or similar. Engine bolts made from this material will stretch when the nut is tightened.

Balance is not the only thing that can cause vibration, it is quite common to see mainbearing housings which have grown, especially in magnesium crankcases. There will normally be a slight clearance when the cases are hot, this is why on OHC Nortons the bearing outers are restrained from rotating, but when this gets to around 0.001", the problem will need to be addressed. If your mainbearings are free in the housings when the cases are cold you have a problem.

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